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By Amarion P.

On November 21 at 4pm Youth Radio’s New Options Project Youth Advisors  (NOPYA) hosted in Youth Radio’s third and final online live chat about youth unemployment. I thought the live chat was somewhat confusing. I couldn’t keep up with the conversation. However, I did like the topic they were addressing.  I personally feel that the youth is the pathway for our future.  For someone to become important in life, he/she would have to dedicatedly follow your dreams. And if that person has personal issues, then their family should be there to help out. Friends also should be willing to lend a helping hand. Part of our youth is good another part is bad but no matter what going to school is amazing and helps in the process of reaching one’s dream goal(s) .The young people that are messing up need to get their priorities in order to be more advanced than what you already are. The teachers in school are paid to assist students (the youth) in staying on track. It may be easy to find a job out of state but in Oakland and San Francisco it’s hard. If you wanted to have your own business finish school and also go on to getting a college degree. Thus making it easier for you to reach higher levels in whatever job or career. I learned how to use my skills in school, and find out what I want to be in life. Maybe I will go on to design shoes and go to collage as the first step. Then maybe I a fellow youth member can be successful and employed.


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