Living With My Granny

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By Herbie

Before I was born, my dad was put into prison. I’m not in contact with my mom. When my Grandmother came to get me after I was born, she separated herself from my family. I grew up without a mother and father and had to be raised by my grandmother. My mom lives in Omaha, Nebraska; where I was born. Although I live with my granny, times have been hard because I didn’t have anybody to talk to and to tell my problems to. I told myself that she can’t relate to any of the problems In was facing in the moment. I felt this waIMG_0042y because I knew  she was old and I thought she couldn’t relate to any problems and anything I was facing right now.

Playing sports was hard for me because I saw everybody else’s parents support them during games and all I had was my grandmother. Also, while living with my grandmother there was no push for me to do better. Hanging outside with thugs was a norm for me. She would support me in everything I wanted to do. The only problem about that was, there was no male support or support from my mother.In my opinion, It would have been different if I had my parents around. My dad wouldn’t tolerate the things I was doing. According to Pew Research Center nearly 8 million children in the U.S.–one-in-ten—live  with a grandparent, and nearly 40% of them live with a grandparent as their primary caregiver.

My granny shouldn’t have to take care of me; that my parents job. I believe as parents it’s your responsibility to take care of your child. For the last 16 years my granny has been slaving to take care of me relying on one income for two people. If parents take the time out to have a  kid they should be ready to take on the challenge and be parents instead of having someone else take care of their of their responsibilities. One day I would like to experience what it would be like to live with a mother and a father.


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