New Starts Can Be Hard

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School Bokeh

Usually first days of high schools are supposed to be fun, exciting exhilarating and a bunch of other words your parents use to describe it. But in reality it kinda sucks. You’re thrown into a new scene, with a different set of rules and different social order. Not to mention your once again at the bottom of the school hierarchy. But like they said it’s supposed to be “fun”. Coming from a kid that went through that and is thankfully past it, it’s really not, it’s the complete opposite in fact. In my case I was transferring to Oakland Tech a new school with only seven or eight other kids id seen before. None of which I was even the slightest bit close to.

For me the problem wasn’t making new friends though, that actually wasn’t too hard. It was making friends that I could relate and actually talk to, and in high school that’s way more important. People were generally nice and somewhat accepting. However they were all in their own groups of friends they had known for years. People they told everything to, and had seen almost every day since the sixth grade. Some of them had been going to the same school since pre-k. Then there was me, the new kid that they treated relatively nice. But they didn’t necessarily want to talk to, and frankly I didn’t trust them that much either. So that was me, in between friend groups with a bunch of people I could consider acquaintances. But no one I could talk to, hangout with, or do anything but occasionally say hi to at school.

But I’m telling you from someone who has been through that situation and now a year later has a group of friends equivalent to a second family, that it gets better. You eventually find your group and a lot of times those are the best friends you can meet, it just takes time. So hold out and wait. Because once you meet those friends high school gets a little better, and easier. But make sure these are kids you genuinely like. Not kids the push you towards the wrong things or make you change who you are to be with them. Instead kids that share your interests and make your life better just to be around.

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