‘Meet the Blacks’ Causes Laughter

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By485512776_7672070eb3_o Dereus

The funniest movie I saw in Jack London Square is called “Meet The Blacks.” It features a comedian, Mike Epps and in the cast there are some actors from Wild N Out and Think Like A Man 2. The director’s name is Deon Taylor.

This movie was based off of the original “Purge.” It’s like a sarcastic joke. It was very funny, had a great sense of humor, team building and has a romantic scary humor theme. The funniest part in the movie was the slow motion scene at the end of the movie.

Some pros are that the movie is really funny and it’s a hilarious movie with great plots and twists. I have no cons or any bad opinions on the movie.

I recommend this for 18 or up, and others that want to see this comedy in theaters. This movie is rated R, kids and teens must have a parent or guardian.




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