Meet the Bridge Peer Teachers

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Every session we hire new interns to help teach the media training classes.

Presenting: the peer teachers for the Bridge class, fall 2015!

 Kiadjai Kiajai Mixon: Its your cool and friendly neighborhood rapping, beat making, cackelacking Bridge Music Peer Teacher. Coming through your streets with the realest to the illest talents and mind blowing creativity, 24/7, 365.
Isaiah Isaiah Roman: aka DJHydrate the Multi Media Peer teacher.
Ben W. What do you think of when you hear the name Ben Wilson? Personally I think of a piped up based individual that’s really on some affiliated shenanigans. That’s just me though.
Maya Journalism PA My name is Maya Godfrey, I’m the PA for Journalism. I like to cook, write, garden and sleep. I’m also known as a pretty dope human being.
ChrisBaby Multimedia PA ChrisBaby Michael: Teenage Teen Manager Splitting the Tides of Creation as we speak.
Isaiah Broadcast PA Your local crime fighting, music teaching, shenanigatin neighbor; Isaiah McLane. PA at large.
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