Meet the Peer Teachers, Winter 2016

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Each session we hire new interns to teach Journalism, Multimedia and Music to media training classes.

Presenting: the peer teachers for winter 2016!

IMG_2619  Savannah Ferguson: Core Multimedia Peer Teacher. When I’m working with my students I like being able to show them different ways to take a picture that looks professional. The most important thing about working with my students is bonding with them. In my free time I enjoy listening to music and writing songs. I also love to spend time with my goofy friends. Here’s a quote that I love and it describes me,“We’re all weird in our own ways.” 
 IMG_2697 D’Jhonnay Jackson: Core Journalism Peer Teacher. I love to write about any and everything. Also, I’m pretty sure I am the nicest person you’ll ever meet. I am such an easy person to talk, if you’re sad I can make you smile instantly. I’m funny and always have a smile on my face, even on my worst day. 
Tavonne R. Larkin: Core Multimedia Peer Teacher. I am obsessed with the art and creativity of photography. I am also a critical thinker.  I’ll light up your world with my smile and be the most turnt I can be. I am Queen Corny. If I am not laughing, just know something is wrong. 
 IMG_2646 Mae’Lon Annexstein: Core Multimedia Peer Teacher. I have a passion for fashion and I love trying new things like crazy-colored lipsticks put together. Bright colors are interesting to me and bold to try. One day I would like to see myself in a courtroom as a lawyer. I enjoy coming to Youth Radio and helping my students with multimedia and producing their GLORADIO show on Friday. 
IMG_2663 Jose.B.Gloria: awesome Core Music Peer Teacher. I am very athletic and talented in sports but more interested in working because money could get you whatever you want. My goal is to graduate from high school and attend Cal Maritime University for college. I want to major in business administration so I can manage my own group home for kids that are in the system and need a helping hand.
 IMG_2652 Kiajai Mixon: Core Music Peer Teacher. Music is my life. I couldn’t go a day without it. I love art and skating. I keep it real with anyone no matter what. I’m really excited to meet and learn new things about new people.    
IMG_2658 LaSalle Adkins: Core Broadcast Peer Teacher. I help students structure beats using the program reason 8. I am a music artist who goes by the stage name of Dopest Enemy. The style of my music is very dark and energetic with loud bass and hard snares. I am 18 years old. I enjoy making music, writing, and producing beats. I’m very outgoing and fun to be around.
IMG_2618 Isaiah McLane: Broadcast Project Associate. Your local crime fighting, music teaching, shenanigatin’ neighbor. PA at large. I like the sun and stuff, and I’m known to teach the hell out of some music and broadcasting! Hopefully for your sake and mine, we can meet and grow together!


IMG_2621 Herbie Kinchen: Core Journalism Peer Teacher. I am 16 year old and I debate, play football, baseball and I make my own beats. I love exploring new things and becoming a better person everyday. Helping people at Youth Radio is something I really enjoy, I love to teach people what I have learned.
 IMG_2640 Jacarah Carter: Core Broadcast Peer Teacher. I am a funny and fun to work. As you know me by now, I am very smart and outgoing and I’m willing to try new things. Also I’m very helpful and interactive. In my free time I Iike to rap and make new beats for different songs.
IMG_2818 Rico Washington: Bridge Music Peer Teacher. I help my students figure out how to structure music and put it together and also how to manage reason and know how to function how to make a beat of their own. I enjoyed learning how to make beats and manage reason, and now that I get to teach it to others and also learn more myself, it makes me feel like a whole new mature person.
 IMG_2808 Jada Washington: Bridge Music Peer Teacher. But I go by Yajj. My passions include making and writing music, working with children, and making others happy.
 IMG_2807 Mariam: Bridge Multimedia Peer Teacher. I love telling stories, dancing and laughing around with my friends. If I’m not doing those things that means something is not right with me.


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