Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls

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Chicago Bulls

By Amarion

The Chicago Bulls are kind of good, because Michael Jordan used to play for the team. Without him the Bulls would have lost the majority of their games. But instead they won six championship games, lead by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and their coach Phil Jackson. The reason I really like basketball is because of Michael Jordan, and his skills that contributed to the Chicago Bulls being one of the best teams. The professional basketball team won a NBA record of 72 games during the 1995-96 NBA season, according to Wikipedia. In 2012 the Bulls had an estimated value of $800 million and earned an estimated $34.2 million. In that same year Michael Jordan, and Derrick Rose both won the NBA’s most valuable player award all while playing for the Bulls. In total they won six M.V.P awards.

Even though, I consider Michael Jordan the reason the Bulls won most of their games, they still could have made it without Jordan if they played and trained hard enough. If any team plays hard enough they will have a chance to make it. Basketball is a cool sport, and if teams want to win they need to work hard, while  still having fun. That is what I  think basketball is all about. If you want to get to into the NBA, or become a pro like Michael Jordan, with a place on the Wall of Fame, you  have to some what follow in Jordan’s footsteps, skills wise.

I was five when I  first began to play basketball, which lead me to want to become a basketball player. And when I heard of Michael, and seen him perform his signature slam dunks, it lead me to believe that he is one of the best players on the court. But I wanted to know how he became so skilled. However, I  figured it took hard work and constant practice. I always would watch basketball games while sitting and eating chips and candy with my brothers. Basketball helps calm me down and keeps me out of trouble. I  do not play all the time because I’m already significantly good at it, but I know I could be better if I practice more.

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