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A couple of weeks ago I watched a movie called Mr. Right. It starred Anna Kendrick as Martha and Sam Rockwell as Francis. It came out in 2015. The genre of the movie is action, comedy, and romance. It’s about a hitman that kills the person who hired him instead of killing the person he was hired to kill. He always wears a red nose when he is going to kill someone. Most of the characters wore black, white, or red. I think that they wore these colors because they represent tragedies. In the movie Martha was looking for someone that she connected with. When Francis and Martha met they connected. The main idea of the movie was for Martha to find her true self and someone that she loved.

I didn’t like that it was easy to predict what was going to happen in the ending. There was a couple things that I didn’t like one of them was the comedy and the action scenes. I thought that it was funny when Francis would put on the red clown nose because he looked dumb. Most of the action scenes were of Francis using guns. Later on in the movie there were more action scenes involving him fighting.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie because of the predictable storyline, but I would also recommend it because of the action scenes. I would probably never watch it again.

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