My Brother

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By Stephanie

One day I was at school and I got a phone call. It was my brother telling me that he had gotten shot and wanted somebody to go see him and the funny part was that my mom had a doctors appointment in the same hospital my brother was in. After I click the phone I called my mom and told her what was going on she just started to cry and hung up. I was so mad and sad I couldn’t focus in class everything and everybody annoyed me,so I asked for pass a to go home.

After my mom went to go look for my brother on another floor, my brother was telling my sister what happen. My brother said that he was with his friends and some guys just started shooting at them. My brother just saw bullets flying through the car and he covered his face from a bullet that was coming towards him. He put his hand on his face and the bullet went through his hand. Later that day the doctor said everything was going to be okay, but my brother has to learn how to live with a bullet in his hand because they weren’t able to take the bullet out. Till this day my brother has a bullet in his hand. It affects him in his daily activities but he has to learn how to live with that.

I thank god that my brother is okay.

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