My Crazy Life

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Staying out of JailBy Q

I am a good person that had made a bad decisions that cause the system to stereotype me because of what I look like and where I come from. Because of this I’ve been arrested and placed in multiple group homes.

Two years ago I spent two and a half months in Kiefer Juvenile Hall. While I was in the juvenile system I thought about how my life was going to be different. I also thought about how people were going to look at me. How someone would look at my record and judge me for my decisions. But, if they knew what I been through in life they would know why I made bad choices and where my anger comes from. But I don’t speak on my life really.

My momma is a drug addict and I lost my brother to the streets. I was a hoodlum. Now, I’m trying to change my life around, take responsibility for my actions. My plan to go to college at Stanford University.

From my experience I learned that my life is hard to deal with but I have to face it head on, deal with it, control my emotions and stay humble and hold my head high above everything I went through. I gotta shine above my crazy life for my mom I’m her golden ticket. So Greater New Beginnings Group Home is my shot to shine and soar high.

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