My Life’s Beginning

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Love is

By Anthony

When I was born my father said I wasn’t his and that my mom was just trying to pin me on him. Growing up as a child I never knew whom my dad was but I always wondered whom he was and why he wasn’t in my life. I always thought for a long time that I was a mistake for my dad and that’s why he didn’t want me. But then I met two people who changed the way I thought and they were my god brothers. The reason why they changed my way of thinking is because they filled the void that was left by my dad. We basically did everything together for example, we ate, and we spent the night over each others house and we got in trouble together.

As I started to grow up I started not to care if my dad was in my life as long as I was surrounded by people who loved me, as long as I was with my god brothers. But then one day my dad decided he wanted to come into my life. My parents went to court and my father got full custody of me. I was mad at the fact that he wasn’t there for seven years and now he wanted to just pop up. I hated him because he really didn’t love me but I was wrong and as the years progressed the hate that I slowly began to feel love from him. Then my little sister’s birth made all the hate that I had disappear. When she was born I didn’t care that my dad took me, until one day everything changed again.

I got into some trouble and my dad disowned me for the last time and not even my brother and two little sisters could help. After I got out of juvenile hall I was let out on probation. My dad said I wasn’t his and then I moved back with my mom last year in September. I am grateful that I was able to move back with my mom but what hurts is that my dad said he was just going to tell my sisters I died and that’s why I wasn’t around, but my dad has also made me stronger in a way. He always told me that I would never amount to anything as long as I lived with my mom; he said I wouldn’t be anything without him, but look at me now.

I’ve gotten far without him in my life, I have a job, I’m independent, and to tell you the truth I don’t need him for anything. Oh also now that I’m back with my mom I have been talking with my god brothers again and we have never been closer before.

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