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Razor RipStik DLX -- The 365 Toy Project

By Yongshi

Ever since I was a kid I was always a tomboy. I would hangout with guys and would have very few girl friends. But after entering middle school, I met new friends and most of them were girls so I became more girly. It still doesn’t mean that all I love to do is girly stuff.

I always loved to skate. I would bug my guy friends to borrow their skateboards, but eventually I got my own board. I got a casterboard called a Ripstik. My cousin from Seattle had one and I saw commercials everywhere. I decided to ask my dad to get it for me for Christmas. When I first got my Ripstik I was so afraid to ride it. Not because I didn’t know how to ride it but because I didn’t want to get it scratched. Eventually I got over that problem and I rode my Ripstik very often. Being able to feel the wind blowing through my hair and pushing against my face made me feel awesome, being able to ride it and show off made me feel even better. Unlike normal skateboards that go backward when you are going up a hill, a Ripstik can go uphill if you have the leg power to push yourself up. A Ripstik also gives you more freedom for your legs because it lets your legs wiggle.

Although riding a Ripstik is really fun, they are quite pricey. They are also very heavy because the kicknose and the kicktail are the biggest part of the board meaning they hold extra more mass than normal boards so I don’t like bringing it everywhere I go.

Despite the negatives, I still recommend anyone who liked to skate to get one because it is so worth it. Once you learn how to ride it, you’ll become obsessed with it.


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