My Shoe Roshe

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By Lim

Have you ever liked a shoe so much that you bought it but when you wore it, it was uncomfortable? That’s happened to me before but not when I bought the Nike Roshes. I got mine 3 weeks ago and I’m lovin’ them.You can buy them in probably any Nike stores or online.

It is so comfortable and light, it feels like I’m not even wearing any shoes. The shoes fits onto your feet so well because the material is stretchable, I just want to buy more, but in different colors.

You see, the Nike Roshe has more than just one color, they have a variety of colors for men and women, like black, pink, green, red, and many more. You can also buy them in different styles, or customize it yourself, but it costs more money. It makes you look taller and it looks nice on anybody.

It’s a nice and casual shoe that you can walk or run in. The shoe layer is also light and not too thick, so it’s not so heavy to wear like other shoes, and it has very little tiny holes so that your feet can have some air so it doesn’t feel so stuffy.You can bend the shoe when you walk because it’s stretchable, so you don’t ever have to worry about creases. It doesn’t rip that easily.

One con is that the sides and bottom of the shoe can get dark and dirty fast, but can be easily cleaned. The shoes are also pretty expensive. But I do highly recommend them; they are worth the money.


My shoe Roshe



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