My Strange Chewing Gum Addiction

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The average person chews 300 pieces of gum annually, I, on the other, chewed more than 1,000 pieces annually and have swallowed approximately 250 pieces. One day I was in the car with my dad and he yelled at me for popping my gum but I wasn’t doing it on purpose. Now I don’t chew gum around him. I can honestly say that chewing gum has to be the most fascinating things I have done in the many years that I have had teeth, although the flavors don’t last as long as I intend for them to.

John B. Curtis was the creator of chewing gum and if I could have the opportunity to meet anyone that created or invented something it would have to be him. He has made my days of eating candy reduce by 50%. I would in fact say that chewing gum is a hobby or at least one of my hobbies. Gum was recommended by dentists because it has Xylitol in it, a sugar which is healthier for the teeth that is found in foods and most chewing gum.

I honestly wish that I can explain to you the wonderful sensation that I get from the chewing gum but no words come to mind. I’ve been craving gum since 7:00 this morning and it hasn’t gone away. Can someone please get me some gum.

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