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The Finals

By Dashawn

Recently the Heat beat the Pacers at Miami, to move on to the finals. According to score was 117-92. LeBron scored 25, Wade scored 13,and Bosh scored 25. The Pacers are packing up and going home to get ready for next season. Paul George scored 29,Roy Hilbert scored 8, and George Hill scored 9. This is the third season in a row that the Heat knocked the Pacers out the Playoffs. Last season the Heat beat the Pacers 4-3 games. This years Finals will be the Heat vs. the Spurs the rematch of last years finals. The Clippers were knocked off by OKC. The score was 104 to 9. The record of wins was 4-2. Kid scored 39; Russell Westbrook scored 19, and Ibaka 6. Chris Paul scored 25, Blake Griffin scored 22,and DeAndre Jordan scored 9. OKC beat the Clippers to play the Spurs. Now the Spurs are playing the Heat in the Finals. The Heat is down 3-1.  The next game is in Texas. If the Heat wins there’s going to be a game 6.

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