Never Use The Bathroom At School

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5617500029_a7ffed5f77_oBy Daveed

One morning when I was getting ready for school I didn’t have time to pack my lunch, so my mom did. She told me we didn’t have jelly to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but we have honey. I said alright, than I left to go to school. I go to my first period class and open my backpack thinking “Should I eat this sandwich now? Nah, I’m going to wait till’ later”. So a couple of hours past, and my stomach started growling so it was time for me to eat. I grabbed my first sandwich out my backpack and began eating it.

The sandwich was kinda good, I can’t lie about that, but as soon as I was about to eat my second sandwich, my stomach didn’t feel right. It started bubbling up inside that’s how I knew something was wrong. I was in my seat just telling my friends sitting around me, I said, “Bruhhh I got to use the bathroom.” they started laughing cause they already knew what I had to do. I said, “I feel like Smokey from “Friday” when he had to use the bathroom and today is Friday”. But then this girl sitting next to me asked, “Why don’t you just go to the bathroom.” “ I don’t like using the bathroom at school,” I said. My stomach started bubbling again so I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom and he said yes.

As I ran out of the classroom I heard so much laughter. I ran to the nearest bathroom but it only had one stall and someone was already in it. “Bruhh why!” I said. I ran to the other bathroom that has three stalls and I seen that they were all empty so started using the bathroom. A couple minutes later, some kid went into the stall next to me but I didn’t care. A minute passed since he has been in there and he knew I was in there too. Out of nowhere, he asked me “sooo, did you have a mean breakfast?” and he kept knocking on the door, I was, thinking why did he just asking me that? I did my business and left the bathroom real quick and went back to class. This made me feel pretty creeped out but it was funny at the same time so I would just laugh whenever I tell the story. Never ever ever use the bathroom at school and don’t replace jelly with honey.

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