New Social Media Interns!

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Hello! We are the new social media interns, D’Jhonnay, Tavonne, and Amarion. In this internship, our responsibility is to cover the topics that we and other young people care about. We also work with Remix Your Life, where we document events that are happening around Youth Radio. We’re looking forward to speaking and working with new people!


IMG_7220 copyI’m D’Jhonnay Jackson, a new social media intern here at Youth Radio. I’m 16 years old and want to speak on what I and other young people care about. Some things I will be covering this session are; the way conformists of society view those who don’t conform, how African Americans are slaughtered by police, and Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton being our next president. All youth should engage into conversations with my coworkers and I via Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Follow Youth Radio where you can find us!




IMG_7219 (1)I’m Tavonne Larkin and I am a new social media intern at Youth Radio. I am 17 years old and it’s important that I connect with people my age at work. Most of the time, our social media is ran through adults telling us what to post, and our actual voice isn’t heard. Some things I want to talk about are how one’s perception of their appearance can be altered through social media, how everyone should be able to love themselves and do what they want without being judged, and how money is the root of all evil. I will talk about some of these topics through social media and try to get the youth to engage in them as well.




IMG_7183My name is Amarion. I’m 17 years old I’ve been working at Youth Radio for 4 years. I work as a social media intern. I want to spend time talking about police brutality. Everyone’s life matters but lately it seems to be only African American people are being killed. I don’t feel like that is ok. I think it’s wrong and needs to stop. Justice should be served. I love sports, especially basketball. Recent sports legends like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan are all good men. They worked hard in the N.B.A and that led to success for all of them. I also want to have conversations about what makes people feel good about themselves. I feel good about myself when I work, go to school, take care of my beautiful baby, when I prove that I’m responsible and good.



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