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to actually be cared for
to actually be cared for

By K’Micah

Who is you to say a word about what I’ve experienced? Have you ever had to tell someone that?

During 8th grade my father treated me with respect. He always called me just to see how I’m doing. He would text me to see where I am. He use to pick me up on a daily basis so I can just chill with him or be connected with my siblings.

But then this incident happened.  I was in a psychical altercation with another girl. I was put in handcuffs and taken away from the scene. Ever since then my father treats me with disrespect. He says I’m not his daughter. He doesn’t communicate with me what’s so ever. No calls, no texts. I tried but it’s always getting ignored. I don’t get any happy birthdays anymore. I was daddy’s little girl but I guess not anymore.

He only thinks I’m a troublemaker, but he don’t know me at all. I’m an outgoing girl who only tries to get along with everybody I try to have respect for any and everybody. He shouldn’t judge me.

And my father isn’t the only person to judge me.

I applied to work at Starbucks for an actual job experience. I love how the people treat you with respect and always ask you how your day has been. They make me feel comfortable. Once I had that interview I thought I did very well. But in at the end the manager said I’m sorry but you’re just not what were looking for, we can only take people without a record.

Being judged based on my past makes me feel frustrated it’s hard to have new experiences and letting people see the real me is hard.

I am not the only person who experience this, felons who try and get a job and change their life around  have a harder time because they have to mark the box saying they were a convicted felon. When others know they have a criminal record, they have a less chance of getting the job they applied for.

I am just trying to say people shouldn’t be judging for the bad things they done in the past. People change. Felons can change. I’ve changed.

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