Peer Pressure

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   By Brion T.

 Peer pressure seems to be the number one cause of the spike in drug abuse and violence the community today. Everywhere across the U.S teens on the daily are stuck in between following the hype or being looked down on as being the nerd or square. I was watching the news and heard a story about Dajon Ford. As Contra Costa times writes “a 17 year old young man, former Mclymods High School football star known for his all-star team appearances is being charged as an adult for his suspected participation in the morning robberies of everyday carpoolers in the Rockridge area committed by him Dejon Ford, and 22 year old Delante Johnson of Oakland on September 25, 2013.” Police said Ford admitted he was involvement in the robberies. Johnson denied involvement. That shows he accepts he messed up and takes responsibility for his actions.

When I first heard about the situation I automatically tried to put my self in Ford’s shoes; thinking about all the scholarships I had, my family that I would disappoint by putting it all at risk because I didn’t want to be called a square and loose respect from my friends.

When has peer pressure influenced a decision you made in your life and what was the outcome?

Do you think Dejon Ford should be charged as an adult?

How do you say no to peer pressure?

Why is peer pressure an especially strong force in the life of a teenager?

Is peer pressure a fact of life, or can it be eliminated?


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