Perspectives Of A Big Sister

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By Arianna

At times I wish I wasn’t the eldest sibling. I constantly get in trouble for things that don’t even make sense or things I didn’t even do. It’s an everyday struggle with my younger sister. We’re either arguing or fighting. There is no winning with her or with my mom.

There was this one time where my whole family was just hanging out in the living room watching a movie. My sister has a tendency to say what is on her mind especially when she is mad. That night while we were watching a movie my sister decided that she didn’t want to watch it, she wanted to watch adventure time, so she asked my mom to change the channel. My mom responded not now because we are watching a movie and she instantly got defensive and angry because she couldn’t get her way. She continued to bug her about changing the channel. When my mom kept responding no, my sister snapped and said something disrespectful to my mom. As my first instinct I said “don’t talk to my mom that way!” I started explaining to her why she shouldn’t talk to her like that. My sister started crying because she does that when she knows she’s doing something wrong. When she did start crying my mom yelled at me, “why did you make her cry, just leave her alone.”

I just looked at her with a confused face because my intention was to defend her and I’m the one who ends up getting in trouble. Things like this happen to me on a daily basis I’ve kind of grown to accept it and just let it go, but it bothers me the fact that my sister can get away with something like that but if that was me it would be a different story.

So every young sibling out there that is hearing this, just know that this is probably how your older siblings feel and you shouldn’t want to make them feel this way. This also goes out the parents that are listening acknowledge that this is how your child might feel.


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