Philosophy Commentary

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By Riley

You are a terrible person. Yes, you. You may have given “pennies a day” to help a starving child in Africa, but stepped around the starving homeless man on your way to work. You may feed your pet dog, but you changed the channel when the commercial with the abused puppies came on. Why? Why is a man put in jail for stealing from the rich, yet you aren’t under arrest for not giving to the poor?

From the moment we are born until the moment we die, we are told to “treat other the way we want to be treated”. To be kind to others so that they will be kind to you. This unwritten law, this “Golden Rule”, is exactly why the society we live in is still standing. If everyone fended for themselves, we would live in a nightmare. Mass murders, heists, rapes, and everything in between. But, I believe that this nightmare world is the natural state of humans. If we grew up not knowing of this “Golden Rule”, we would be hurting whoever crossed us, and stealing from people with things that we wanted. We would be living in a “King of the Hill” society, where you must fight to the top, and fight to stay there. The only reason this nightmare isn’t our reality is because long ago, during the early years of human life, we realised that the easiest way to survive is to work together with others. A world with government, and currency, and laws. Mind you, I said the easiest way to survival, not the best way. If we lived in the nightmare I talked about earlier, the one where chaos runs free, the people at the top, who are able to either scare off, or fight others to stay there, would be the happiest person in the world. But, it wouldn’t be as easy as working with others to get to the top. They wouldn’t be as happy, but they would have an easier life.

Lastly, this natural, beastly side of human kind cannot be totally under wraps. That’s why we have an upper, middle, and lower class. That’s why we have the 1% living in mansions up in D.C., but the rest of us have to stay down here, where we fight to get into schools, to get homes, and to get jobs. We still have murders, heists, and rapes. We still have the “King of the Hill” society in third world countries. And your “pennies a day” won’t do anything to change that. It’s the psychopaths in the world that do these things. Unlike you, who has accepted this society when it was crammed into your infant brain. These people’s brain’s rejected this way of living and instead, go back to the natural, beastly way. That’s also why it’s okay to not give to the poor. Society cast them away as if they are nothing, yet they are still apart of this world. Maybe, this world is the nightmare, and the other, is just a fantasy.

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