Please Respect My Boundaries

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By Brianna

Two weeks ago me and a group of friends were talking with the counselor about avoiding drama, Out of nowhere my friends decided to give me advice about a situation that I really didn’t want to talk about at the time. Basically they were talking to me about why I was blowing my friends phone up all of the time, which was none of their business.  So to avoid saying something that would cause conflict I simply told them in a respectful manner that I’m really not trying to hear that right now.I then put my earphones in my ear to avoid hearing whatever it was they were trying to say. I had done that about maybe 2 or 3 times during the time we were in the group because every time I’d take them out my friends would try to talk to me about the situation again.

I understand they were trying to be good friends and look out for me but at the same time, I didn’t know them that well and they didn’t have to be all up in the juice.  As if on cue the bell had rung letting us out for our next class, on my way to class they had stopped once again trying to talk about the situation so I just walked away and went to class. Later on that night, I texted them because I wanted to tell them how orientation went. After a few minutes of texting them they all bombarded me with their opinions and advice that I again, did not want to hear. After telling them so many times that I did not want to hear the opinions and advice that they wanted to give me they still did it regardless.

So of course I was feeling some type of way about that and went off, not on purpose but out of my control. I felt like they didn’t really respect my boundaries at all so after that I simply left them all alone once I heard they were all calling me fake. You can’t make anybody be your friend if they don’t want to, especially if they’re not respecting your boundaries or how you feel. If your friend or anybody tells you “no,” multiple times, you should leave it as is and respect their boundaries especially if they respect yours.

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