Police Brutality

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By Tania A.

On August 9, 2014, 18-year-old African American male named Michael Brown was shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

It all happened on a Saturday afternoon he was walking out of his grandmother’s apartment and got stopped by a policeman. The policeman was trying to put Brown in the car so Brown chose to run away with his hands in the air and as he was running away the policeman started shooting at him and than boom Brown was on the ground.

There are many people very skeptical about this case because it is not making sense to them how this could’ve happened if Brown wasn’t doing anything to have been shot. To me it is crazy how all these police brutalities are going on it just isn’t right and I feel that there needs to be a stand to stop all these killings. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and no one deserves to die the way Brown did. Yes Brown might have resisted to go in the car and might have done something bad but why do cops automatically have to take out a gun. There are plenty of ways that the policeman could’ve handled the situation but instead the policeman pulled out his gun.

I myself have seen police brutality a lot, especially with my family I’ve seen them get pushed and shoved around like their nobody. That is why I get upset to see police brutality because it sucks to be in the position of seeing it and not being able to do anything without getting yelled at or pointed at by the police. No one deserves to be in that position especially someone as young as myself and that is why I feel that we need to put a stop to it and bring justice.


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