Police Brutality

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By Alejandra

Police Brutality has become a serious issue in our country. It seems that more and more we hear about shootings, assaults and several victims have even been killed by law enforcement. It’s constantly on the news and social media. As people we should unite and stand up for those who have lost their lives to police brutality. Law enforcement’s role is to protect and to serve the people, but when they act out of line it changes how we see law enforcement. Most recently an unarmed homeless person Brandon Glenn, was fatally shot by Los Angeles PD on the Venice Boardwalk this Tuesday. The police Chief himself stated in an interview that the video did not justify the officer’s use of deadly force. He is just one person of so many who have lost their lives. We can remember in the past there has been more and more deaths not just in Oakland but all over the world. When brutality and violence happens between a police and an unarmed person, people of many races speak up. They start gathering together and they walk in certain parts of the city to make their opinions heard in an attempt to influence public opinion or government policy.


-A lot of the time victims killed by police are unarmed, what are your thoughts on police shooting unarmed people ?

-How can problems in the community can be solve in a nonviolent way?

-How have your views of police changed with hearing about incidents of police brutality ?

-What do you think the government should do about police killing unarmed people?

-Do you think problems can be solved without violence? Why?



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