Racism Still Alive

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By Hasinnie


I experienced racism at a young age my self. I was 7-years-old and was walking home. While I was walking, I wondered on the edge of a lawn stacked with bricks. I started to walk on them like a balance beam and heard something terrible being yelled at me. An older white man yelled, “Get off my lawn nigger.” It hurt me and put me in a stage of confusion. I didn’t understand what I did so horribly wrong to make someone degrade and belittle me. It was an insult that left me with an emotional scar. I have problems with communicating with other races because I feel like I will be judged or disrespected because of my skin color. I’m human like everybody else. Respect it.

A recent viral video show a mother of 2 that shows her repeatedly calling a African American man the N-word after some type of exchange has addressed her side of the story. In an interview with Todd Anderson (journalist) from WBLK, a local New York radio station, Janelle Ambrosia the mother, had listeners hear her side of the story. After explaining to the radio host that the black man behind the camera allegedly nearly hit her son with his car, prompting her vicious attack, she asserted that she doesn’t harbor any hateful feelings towards black people because she actually has a black family member. This very currently example shows that racism is still going on today

Racism is completely stupid and ignorant. Humans have 5 things in common a brain, a heart, 2 lungs, 2 feet, and a body. The color of your skin shouldn’t matter and shouldn’t represent your personality and what you are capable of. African American’s created a lot of great inventions of today that we rely on. We deserve freedom after all these years of slavery and racism. We’re human. I feel that we never asked to be brought to America. We were forced. So now that we’re here. Recognize, respect, and embrace that we’re here. Martin Luther King Jr. fought hard to stop racism his work need more African Americans and people to support it and stop the racism. Its not just a “black, Mexican, Jewish,” or “Chinese” thing its everywhere world wide. It needs to stop.


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