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By Leon C.

Zendaya was born and raised in Oakland, CA. She is in a TV show called Shake It Up on the Disney Channel. She recently got recognition for her music and started a US tour. Replay. Heard of it? It’s her new hit single that is rocking the Disney Channel. The video is smashing and the choreography is something different and it’s not what you expect. Her dancing on Shake It Up is one thing, but her dancing in this song is another. She actually put her song Replay on replay. What I mean by this is that the song is very catchy. If you’re not into to pop than this might not be a song for you. It’s okay it just doesn’t fit your style.

On the Disney Channel she said the meaning of this song is that she wants to dance with a boy and doesn’t want the moment to end. What I thought the meaning of this song meant when I first I heard it was that no matter what happens when you try to sing or dance etcetera, you should always get up and try again. That’s what I think and that’s my thought.

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