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“The Coldest Winter Ever” by Sister Souljah

By Dani T.

The Coldest Winter Ever is an astonishing piece of literature that I read this year. As Sister Souljah’s first published book I felt captivated. When I glanced over the introduction I knew that this book would be the book I want to read but I still wasn’t sure.

The one thing that caught my attention the most is how the main character, Winter Santiaga, dissed Sister Souljah in the introduction of the book. I thought that this was an odd thing to do as an author. That’s when I decided The Coldest Winter Ever was the perfect book to engage in. When I read this book I felt overwhelmed, connected, and ready for more.

The main character is teenager who has everything going for herself. Her dad is a kingpin drug lord who feeds her with a long silver spoon. Winter is used to getting what she wants, always having her way with things, is very conceited and good looking. She also has a bright head on her shoulders and is very determined to what she puts her mind to. When her dad gets incarcerated, her life gets turned upside down. Winter has to learn how to be independent and responsible, which is something she never experienced before.

I strongly recommend all readers to take a shot at reading this book.  After you’ve finished reading The Coldest Winter Ever you get the feeling that you could accomplish anything. You have different outlooks on certain situations. You acknowledge other people’s feelings. You feel as if you’re a new human being. The Coldest Winter Ever is that amazing!

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