Review for Dead Fish Restaurant

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Last week I went to Dead Fish restaurant. The restaurant is right before the Vallejo Bridge when you get off the highway. They serve all types of seafood like whole crab, 3 different types of fish, and shrimp cooked in different types of ways. This restaurant The Dead Fishlooks like a ship diner with old tacky pictures on every wall. Its really hot in there and depending on were you sit you might not have a lot of room to yourself. I ordered a fish burger and shrimp Alfredo. The fish burger was nasty because it was made with a type of fish called cod, which has an odd taste and its kind of sour. The shrimp Alfredo was okay; the shrimp was good but the other stuff really had no flavor at all. I had to add lots of salt and pepper.  The service there is okay but the waiters don’t answer questions clearly. I think that this restaurant should change how the restaurant looks and how they prepare their fish.  I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone because I think its nasty and needs a lot of improvement.

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