Review for “The Book of Life”

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By Sophia

It was a Saturday night at the AMC theaters in Emeryville when I saw the movie, “The Book of Life” with my family. I shouldn’t have been so surprised to see that many people; the movie came out the day before. Inside, the theater felt bigger than usual. Maybe it felt that way because I was sitting at the edge of the aisle, I didn’t mind though. The theater was filled with warm side-chatter. My stepdad is Salvadorian and there were many other Hispanics there, it felt like a big family and I felt comforted. I already knew the movie was inspired by Dia de Los Muertos (Day of The Dead). Seeing Hispanic families come out, I wondered if they came because their culture was going to be displayed on the big screen, or if they wanted to analyze how the producers depicted their culture.

6308073462_c5c2958e6b_o The Ruler of the Remembered, La Muerte, and the Ruler of the Forgotten, Xibalba make a wager on who will marry Maria.

I recommend this movie because it’s so cute and sweet when it comes down to the romantics. To be honest, I teared up 3 times throughout the movie; there were heartfelt moments, at least I thought so. What I really loved about the movie was the vibrant colors and the detail they put into the characters. Did you know that the characters are made out of wood? They were created to help have a full 360 view in motion. The wooden characters were sent to El Salvador to be made. I loved how “The Book of Life” was comical. Since I’m learning Spanish at school, I was able to pick up a few words that they slipped in, and chuckled. The atmosphere felt even more warm and together when the whole audience laughed along too. I highly recommend watching “The Book of Life”; it’s a wonderful, sweet, cute, funny, family movie. I’m actually looking forward to the day it comes out to DVD. I hope you all watch the movie!

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