Review for ‘Wild’

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By Emma

“Wild” is an emotional movie that tells the true story of a woman’s 1,100-mile solo trek along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Reese Witherspoon plays Cheryl Strayed, a 26-year-old woman determined to rediscover herself as she leaves everything behind to hike on her own.  After she lost her mother to cancer, Cheryl struggles to move on with her life and experiences flashbacks of her mother when she was younger. Her mother, Bobbi, has profound impact on Cheryl. With enthusiastic optimism, Bobbi had unconditional love for her children, choosing to become a single parent after leaving her abusive husband. Cheryl’s life becomes destructive and she makes the last minute decision to take a thousand mile trek in the wild alone.

“Wild” is an honest movie about a woman struggling to overcome the loss of a loved one as she takes a physically challenging journey. Witherspoon’s performance isn’t as touching as I expected. The cinematagraphy  was captivating. “Wild” isn’t the most ambitious movie this year, but it definitely keeps the audience intrigued, as Cheryl must learn to accept that she can’t always be in control.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes an inspiring female lead.



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