Review of Google

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By Justin 5346829113_14cdff5601_o

On August 19, 2014 a group from youth radio took a trip to Google. We took a Mercedes van there. It was a cool ride. The van had like 12 seats it was like a hour drive there. We was listening to music and talking  and chilling. When we got there we met a lady who worked there. She  took us around on a tour it was cool. They had nice bikes that Google employees can ride.  We saw this big phone we played games on it then . She showed us the Google car that people ride around in and she also explained how it works. Then after we went to go eat some good food the biggest cafeteria. We ate like kings. They had all types of food like Chinese,  burritos and more. It was so good and they had good dessert too. Then after we went on the rest of our tour they told us what we had to do to  work there. They also told us their life story. Google is a big place it felt like we went on a college tour. When we walked through the offices people was very focused on what they were doing and I saw a man with the new Google classes  on. After our tour the lady gave us shades and we said our  goodbyes and were on are way back to Oakland.  The whole ride back we were talking about their food especially the fries. If you never went to Google you should go. Its very fun especially if you like working with technology you will be very surprised.

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