Review of Interstellar

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Interstellar OST [Custom made cover]
Interstellar OST [Custom made cover]
By Anton

Hey everyone, I have one piece of advice that will serve you very well over Thanksgiving break. Go see the new movie Interstellar! The movie takes place a couple years in the future, and the earth’s resources are running out. A crop disease has wiped out almost all of the food, and the air is so polluted that it is hard to breathe. Matthew McConaghey plays the main character, a farmer named cooper who used to be an astronaut. He and his daughter stumble upon a hidden NASA station, where they find out that if they don’t find another planet to live on, the human race will go extinct. To save the people of earth, he and a few other astronauts travel through a wormhole in space in order to find another planet that can sustain human life. But here’s the catch: he promised his daughter that he would return from his mission to see her one-day. And so the entire journey becomes a struggle not only to survive and continue the human race, but also to make it back to earth so he can see his family. It is a touching story about a love so strong that it motives him to survive. The movie also sends an important message about climate change, and what will happen if we don’t start protecting the environment soon.

There were many good aspects of the movie; the acting was excellent, the plot was unique very unique because it had some insane plot twists in it. I won’t say what they are, so watch the movie to find out. The computer generated space scenes were beautiful. There were scenes on other planets, in deep space, and even inside a black hole. Apparently, the director, Christopher Nolan, actually talked to astronomers and incorporated real scientific theories about space into the movie. Now that’s pretty cool!

The movie would be perfect if it didn’t have two problems. First of all, the plot was very complicated, which means you would have to watch it again to fully understand what’s going on. Additionally, the movie was almost three hours long. It also got a little cheesy at some moments, but only a little bit.

I recommend that everyone watch Interstellar and that you watch it in the movie theatre. The graphics paired with the sound are amazing and some of that quality will be lost on a small screen. Interstellar is very thought provoking, so if you are feeling bored one day, grab some friends and go see it!

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