Review on Beats

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By Dayonna

Last month, on my birthday, my mom got me some hot pink medium sized, solo HD Beats by Apple with a very easy to carry case. When I first got these headphones I was ecstatic. The sound quality is very nice. Headphones are better than ear buds because they cover the surrounding sounds while with ear buds you can still hear noise. Beats come with an auxiliary cord with a volume and pause/play control. It even has an adjustable headband, so that they’re not too tight around the noggin.

The thing I like most about my headphones is that the volume is really loud. I like loud music because when I’m listening to it I can concentrate and zone out. They are also very durable and have multi use. For example, I can listen to them when I get into the car and plug up the aux cord to play music from my phone on the car speakers. What I don’t like about the beats is the fact that sometimes having the volume all the way up can cause me to have a headache. Also I don’t like this hot pink color at all. The headphones are so small they squeeze my ears. Overall I would recommend these headphones to anyone who loves music because the sound quality is crystal clear, they have many uses and they are very portable. Just make sure you choose a different color than hot pink.

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