Skate or Die at Town Park

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For all you skateboarders out there, have you ever been tired of skating on the same street spots? Or, do you always get kicked out before you land your trick? If so, you may be needing a skatepark to go to. In West Oakland, there is a park called DeFermery, although it’s commonly referred  to as Town Park.

It’s a community park that also has a tennis court, playground, and basketball court. This park was recently endorsed by Levi’s and was rebuilt from the ground up. Before the renovation, the park used to be a lot of wood ramps and ledges, but it now it’s been updated . Skate

The last time I skated there, I couldn’t slide the whole rail. My friend Space knew the trick to it and showed me how. Within ten minutes, I was already comfortable sitting into the slide. In a matter of no time I landed the trick.People always learn tricks quickly at the park, and have fun doing it too.  However, since the park looks so official now, many skaters around The Bay go often.

This isn’t much of a problem because everyone is friendly and helps each other out. Sometimes, people will be too quick to retry their their tricks and mess up someone else’s trick, but they’ll be cool about it and land the trick perfectly the next try. I’ve seen so many people go there and do crazy stuff. From time to time, the owner of the skatepark will hold competitions there, and there’s free food trucks prizes for competing.

Often pro skaters show up, skate and some leave little gifts for a lucky skater. Overall I love this park, and I always enjoy myself when i go. The best part is, the park isn’t far away from the BART or a lot of local buses. So whether you’re in SF, or Berkeley, Town Park is a great place place to skate.


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