Review: The Golden Age

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World peace that follows from filial love, somehow

By Isaiah M.

A few months ago I heard of a newer rapper named Dizzy Wright, my friend showed me his music and it was dope. I didn’t actually start listening to his music until his new mixtape The Golden Age dropped on August 19th. One thing that I really appreciate about this is that he released it as a mixtape, therefore it shows that he’s not just making the music for the money, if that were the case, he would have released it as an album, which he could have made serious bank off of.

The vibe on the tape is very laid back and for the most part positive. He maintains the good vibes and positive thinking especially in the song “World Peace” which pretty obviously tells of how Dizzy has changed his perspective lately and is trying to represent world peace by writing more real and positive music. On the other hand, there are those songs that are just talking about weed excessively, being better than others and how nobody can get as far as him like in the song “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.” In a few songs he definitely tends to stay on the same basic rhyme schemes.

Yet when I examine a mixtape or album of an artist, I think about the process not just what the naked ear hears. In my view just about every beat on there slaps, because I see layers in this, they aren’t just a drum loop over and over again. Dizzy’s got that constant laid back sound that hip hop needs. Personally I loved the mixtape and I’m waiting to hear what he puts out next.

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