Review: The Wolverine

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By Gabriel S.

The other day I watched The Wolverine. Being an x-men fan myself I went into the theatre with high expectations and left the theatre feeling satisfied. Not like I had just seen the best movie in the world but satisfied nonetheless. We find wolverine scratching around sleeping on the side of a mountain when he is called upon by an old acquaintance to go to Tokyo.  A series of unfortunate events go down and we find wolverine not being able to heal and at the same time trying to protect his new love interest. It made for an interesting story but to me it was too predictable. The acting was good, the story was told smoothly, and of course there’s some action that made it entertaining to watch. According to a Washington Post critic named Michael o’ Sullivan, The Wolverine is not a complex movie but it is a fun entertaining movie to watch. In my opinion it wasn’t the best comic book movie, it was an entertaining movie and I think others would enjoy it a lot. So if you have some extra money that you are willing to spend this would be a good movie to watch.

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