Review: Tokyo Ghoul

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by Naijah

What would you do if your only way to survive was to eat other humans? “Tokyo Ghoul” is a horror anime that explores just that.

“Tokyo Ghoul” was originally a manga series written by Sui Ishida. It was published in the manga magazine Weekly Young Jump between September 2011 and September 2014 and has been collected in fourteen volumes. Between July and September of 2014, the anime series aired online, which I watched with English subtitles. “Tokyo Ghoul” follows the journey of the Keneki Ken, the only known half-ghoul half-human on Earth. Keneki faces the challenge of satisfying his hunger while staying below the radar of the Doves, an organization that lives solely to kill Ghouls.

The main things I love about “Tokyo Ghoul” are the crazy plot twists. You’d never guess that the seemingly useless character is actually the most powerful ghoul there is—a man of legend. Another thing is the brilliant art style, each scene is drenched in rich, striking colors and perfectly lined with strong, bold strokes. One thing I would warn viewers about is the high amount of gore. If you can’t handle seeing blood, this isn’t the show for you.

Overall, I recommend this anime to anyone who loves a good horror story.


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