“Ride Along” Review

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Kevin hart

By Alena

Last Sunday my best friend and I went to see the new movie “Ride Along” the lines were so long that the movie almost sold out. When we got into the theater we had to hunt for seats because it was so full. “Ride Along” is a movie about a man who is trying to get on his girlfriend’s brother’s good side. He wants to prove he can protect her so he can have the brother’s permission to marry her. The brother decides to let him prove himself by letting him ride along while he is on patrol as a police officer.

Although, things get crazy when the brother tries to get rid of him by dragging him into annoying situations. Throughout the movie they don’t see eye-to-eye but when it comes down to it, they have to put aside their differences and rely on each other. The movie was funny and had a great storyline to it. My favorite part of the movie was when Kevin Hart found out the brother was messing with him the whole time he almost got shot. He went into a real situation thinking it was another prank. He told the gun man to shoot him because he thought it was a fake gun, which was funny when he found out it was real after the guy shot at him and missed.

I would recommend this movie to everyone because it’s a very funny movie with great acting and you’ll enjoy watching it. Who ever like comedy movies and Kevin Hart will love this movie and his crazy personality?


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