Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Review

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By Aidan

A few weeks ago I got the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. I really like this phone because it is waterproof and shatter proof. It is really good for when you are doing stuff outside. This phone is the more updated version of the Samsung Galaxy S414862815555_d72ce7a6e0_o Active. The S5 Active comes with a very strong built in case, and new protective glass and a stronger back plate. The phone also has a new user interface or phone layout that is different from the S4 Active. I would definitely recommend this phone for people that like being active because it is very strong. It is a lot bigger than the IPhone and I personally feel it fits in the hand better. It comes in red, camouflage, and grey. It charges really quickly and has a very long lasting battery. It has a nice camera with a lot of editing features for the pictures. It also has a second slot for another memory card to add more space. The touch screen is really nice, and the screen usually does not get too dirty and is easy to clean. Overall I think this phone is a very good phone and will hopefully become more popular than the IPhone, which is its main competition.

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