Police brutality against African Americans should stop

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Sandra Bland was an innocent black women who was pulled over for changing lanes without a signal and harassed by a white police officer when asked to exit her car after she refused to put out her cigarette. She seemed confused as of why the officer was using so much force and his frustration toward her. She was arrested with force and was said to have hung herself in her cell, which I don’t believe.  African Americans are very often harassed by police officers, most victims are men but harassment against women is become more talked about in the news and on social media.

I have not experienced any police brutality or harassment but I have seen one of my friends get harassed by officers and be accused of having a gun on him. They beat him and arrested him. I was surprised because I had never seen it before, but I knew it could happen. Since seeing this I live more cautiously; I don’t keep my hands in my pants or hoodies when around police.

I always knew some police officers were against African Americans and my opinion of the police had decreased in the last year. They seem so serious and angry. They don’t need to escalate the situation all the time. I want see police using their weapons wisely in the right situations, stop profiling, and be more understanding when handling any kind of people depending on the situation. If the police continue their unnecessary shootings and force towards people it can only make a society worst.


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