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By Kiyona

If you are wanting to see a movie that is very empowering, you should really watch the movie Selma. Selma takes you back in time to the Civil Rights Movement.

In this movie it shows the processes of Martin Luther King Jr’s involvement in the Civil Rights march leading to Selma, Alabama. It makes you feel as if you want to understand more of what happened back then. Something to really pay attention to is how detailed each scene is. One particular scene that shows an immense amount of detail is when, Annie Lee Cooper played by Oprah Winfrey, a very known woman Civil Rights protester was being arrested, the way everything was set up made it feel as if you where in it, like how the lights reflected the intensity of the moment. But the music in the background made it feel sad and sincere. The scene was abrupt as it transitioned from another scene. It moved slowly so you could understand what was going on.

Something that I didn’t like about the movie was that in some scenes it kind of lied about what went on or what was said in the books. Like when the four girls got killed in the church they didn’t start the march right after it actually was months after.

But overall I really recommend watching it, due to the fact it is very historical and interesting.

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