Service vs. Quality: The ‘Kim’s Cafe’ Debate

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By Jamaica

Vietnamese Food

My school has off campus lunch, and there are a couple of restaurants near it that most of the students go to. Whether it be for good prices or good food. The one I will be reviewing is Kim’s Cafe.

Kim’s Cafe is a decent sized vietnamese restaurant located at 1309 Solano Avenue in Albany by Albany High School. When you first walk in you’ll be in a narrow room with some tables and some bar stools leading to the cash register. Behind that is a bigger seating area with a small kitchen to the side.

The best part about Kim’s is the food for sure. There are the main meats which you can either have in a sandwich, rice or noodle plate, soup, rolls, or a salad. I usually go for a lemongrass vermicelli plate. The presentation is also really good especially since there is so much color in their food. At Kim’s you’re guaranteed to have a delicious, filling meal for under 10 dollars, but you’re probably not going to get the best service. Everytime I go I end up having a conversation with someone about the service, whether it happened that day or in the past.

Actually, last week when I went with a friend we ordered on the phone to save time, and my friend ended up on the phone for 10 minutes trying to clarify that she did not want peanuts, mint, or bean sprouts on her food. When we got there, the cashier didn’t understand that we ordered over the phone and made two new orders for the kitchen. After we got our food we were unsurprised to find peanuts, mint, and bean sprouts on her food. We were both kind of expecting it, but we were pretty disappointed with the service… yet again.

I recommend this place to anyone who likes good food, especially Asian, at a good price. I also highly recommend it to Albany High School students during their off campus lunch. As well as to anyone with a good patience.

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