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By Adriana

Being the only single person in my group of friends is starting to be awkward. Everyone is so involved in their relationship that sometimes they forget their priorities. Sometimes I’ve seen many of my friends fight with their partners because of two specific problems, communication and trust.

I guess in most relationships one of the two people involved omit some information that might be reason for the end of the relationship. Sometimes I have been in the middle of this problem and it is frustrating because I don’t want to be the person that says something wrong. I have experienced this in the past as the messenger in my friend’s relationship and it is not fun or even exciting. It’s like being in a relationship that you don’t want or being in the middle of someone else’s relationship.

So in the end of all the drama and problems, I just think “thank god for being single”. Even though there are good sides to being with someone, you should leave if there is more bad than good. A relationship is about the trust between two people and keeping it just between them.


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