Six Flags

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By Mae’lon

Two weeks ago I went to Six Flags with my sister. We had a lot of fun but the lines were extremely long. Waiting in a line for five minutes is acceptable, but thirty minutes to an hour is way to long to wait just for one ride.

I saw some people leaving because of the outstanding long lines. Some of the adults looked like they were going to pass out. As soon as you felt you were getting close to the end of a line, more paths came out of nowhere with people waiting.

My sister got a little antsy after the first fifteen minutes but I made her stay. Waiting in the line was too long but the rides were a total thrill and adrenaline rush. I think for people who love theme parks like myself, should definitely go to Six Flags and check out the Superman and Medusa.

If you go to Six Flags, spending the extra cash and buying a flash pass would be a smart idea if you don’t want a bad experience waiting in line. I recommend youth to go to Six Flags because them parks have lots of cool rides for children many ages.

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