Sochi Roundtable

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Sochi 2014

By Ben

With the recent influx of controversy surrounding the upcoming Sochi Olympic games, one can assume that achievement won’t solely be measured by athletics.  The aforementioned controversy was spawned by Russia’s deliberate neglect and discrimination for the LGBTQ community. Russia’s parliament, the Duma, just last year passed a bill banning the acknowledgement of gay people’s existence to children and the coinciding propaganda. As a retaliative statement, president Barack Obama named openly gay athletes Billie Jean King, and Caitlin Cahow to represent the United States in Sochi. This has evoked both positive and negative reactions in the media, and politicians alike. Gay outlets have called it a rallying cry of heroism on an issue at the forefront of the global agenda, whereas many world leaders have criticized Obama for heavily politicizing an event that is meant to be athletic.

  1. What’s your view of this situation?
  2. How are LGTBTQ people viewed in your high school?
  3. Do you think barack obama was in the wrong in politicizing the Olympics? Why or why not?
  4. When you think about the Olympics what kind of image comes to your mind?
  5. How do you think this will affect the athletes participating in the Olympics?
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