Social Media Crisis

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Social Media apps

By Lakayla

Social media affects the young mind through the way we dress, act and the music we listen to. Social media has a positive and negative influence on our lives.  Sometimes social media can help us communicate and probably get us the next job.  However, social media has its negative affects through cyber bullying  and poor social skills. A lot of teens nowadays can’t even have a decent conversation. Just a simple  “hello” or “how is your day going?” is hard. A face-to-face interaction is hard for most teens without them getting nervous, while on the other hand, they wouldn’t even hesitate to respond to a post on twitter or any other social network. Cyber bullying has a big negative affect, kids even want to transfer schools and attempt to even commit suicide based on negative rumors being spread about them on the social network.  Is social media really affecting the teenage mind?

Question 1: How many hours do you spend on social network?

Question 2: As a teenager do you think social media affected your self-identity?

Question 3: What is your opinion about cyber bullying?

Question 4: Do you think the social media has a more of a negative influence or a positive influence on the teenage mind?

Question 5: Based on your social skills have social media affected your social skills?


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