Spicy Bowl Restaurant Review

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San Francisco - Mission District: Mission Chinese Food - Kung Pao Pastrami-4By Nila

A few days ago, I ate at a Chinese food place in Pleasanton called Spicy Bowl. It was a really small restaurant- only room for about eight tables. The walls were a warm red color and the second I walked in I was hit with the smell of good food cooking in the back. The restaurant was decorated with a few plants, some beautiful paintings, and a wooden room divider carved with intricate designs. It’s a family business, run only by a lovely married couple. The husband cooks the food in the back and the wife serves it.

The customer service there was pretty good. The hostess made sure we were comfortable and engaged in small talk. Overall, the atmosphere was really cozy, and it felt like I was eating at a family member’s house, not a restaurant. There were only two other people when I went, which added to the familiar environment. I ordered the basil chicken lunch special, which came with hot and sour soup to start, followed by the main plate: spicy basil chicken with a side of steam rice. And for you vegetarians out there, I heard that the mapa tofu is extraordinary.

Though the food was on the more expensive side, I have got to say, this was some of the best Chinese food I’ve eaten in a long time. If you’re looking for something to do after your meal, the restaurant is right next to a cute antique shop run by the American Cancer Society. So if you’re ever hungry near Santa Rita Road in Pleasanton, make sure you stop by Spicy Bowl.

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