Successful Dreams

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By Ashley

I was a lost girl with dreams and hope for success but it all began to fade growing up with a part time mother who was in and out of my life.

My feeling about what people would think about me didn’t faze me. Them calling me out my name or putting me down didn’t faze me. But when it came from the person who made me, who created me, the person who is suppose to love you, support you, and suppose to hold you through any pain or trauma. I didn’t have that person in my life. I know you couldn’t protect me from every bad that went on in my life but you weren’t there to help me through the pain and trauma.

Father where are you? Is what my heart said no sound empty without you father. How am I supposed to know how a man is supposed to treat me without you there to teach me?

Mother why don’t you have faith in me? Why can’t you see the good in your creation? Why weren’t you there to hold me through the pain I had to deal with in my life? Mother. Father. Your creation over came the struggles and them struggles made me stronger. I’m talented and am going for my dreams. And no one can get in the way of my success.Mending a Broken Heart

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