Super Smash Bros. Mania

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Vorschau-Super-Smash-Bros.-fuer-Wii-U-thumbnail1By Joshua

Most people say that Super smash bros. For the WiiU and 3DS is for family, but most people play it as if it was a general sport. I’m here to see if we can discuss the differences between pro gamers and family gamers whether it has to deal with certain characters or certain levels. I am also here to talk about how this game can also affect player’s morale and self confidence, so sit back and strap yourself in, because this will be a doozy!

First off, we talk about what the game is. Super Smash Bros. is a fighting platformer for all to enjoy. all players are able to play as some of the old game characters including Duck Hunt, Villager and even Little Mac. While playing with the characters, you face your opponent or opponents, using them to deal as much damage to your enemies just before smashing them off the screen just as if they were only a small stress ball. There are other game modes available as well, including fighting the whole roster as an all-star, playing a Mario Party version of this game, or fighting 100 Miis who is all out to destroy! Adding onto the jumbled mess, there are also things called “Amiibo” in which you can train to fight against yourself, or with you in battle, but enough about the game, let’s go on to what’s good and what’s bad.

People mostly play the game for fun, but some see the game as a professional game to completely own everyone else in and be number one. I think this is a bad choice because the game was originally made for family members toAnd even then, if the pro players were to play against a weak player, then they’re goal should be to help them. Some don’t see it that way either. Most just dominate the competition, then say “I’m sorry but you went meant for this game” when everyone was meant to play, whether good or bad. The good thing about the game is that it’s really fun to play and really easy to get into, so no one shouldn’t be frustrated with how the game is set up!

Overall, I think the game is meant for everyone because it’s really fun and really easy to get into. Unless you aren’t really a person who play games, then this games is perfect for everyone. But I also recommend avoiding internet play because it is a little laggy at times and it can throw some people off who aren’t used to it. Lastly, I recommend that new players avoid tournaments or public spaces where the game is played, because there are people out there that may judge how you play. Everyone can play, but only a few can master.

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