Talking About Ageism

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2082754741_a0882c3206_oBy Jeremiah

Ageism is the stereotyping and discrimination towards someone based on their age.  Stereotypes like a dumb drooling baby, a lazy disobedient teen or an old helpless person that can’t even leave the house are originate in ageism.

Most people have experienced ageism and some people try to make it seem okay by saying it’s for the best like a son or daughter throwing their parents in a retirement home so they can  be treated right and get the attention they deserve.

According to the American Psychological Association in a survey of people 60 and older, nearly 80 percent were experiencing ageism. My insight on ageism is from being told I’m wrong all the time because older people assume I don’t know any better because I’m young.

Everyone deserves equal treatment no matter their age and they most certainly don’t need to be treated as if they were beneath you.  Ageism is not okay.


How have you experienced ageism and how did it make you feel?

How do you deal with ageism when it happens to you?

How is ageism against old people different from ageism against young people?

Do you think ageism is why some teens are unemployed?

Why do you think people discriminate against people based on age?

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